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"Jason and Laura Rueth at Tally-Ho K9 are amazing dog trainers and wonderful human teachers. We sent our 9-month old Karelian Bear Dog, Nato, to them for 3-week boarding training. Being a Finnish breed, born the week Finland applied to join NATO, she is aptly named with instincts to keep The Bear at bay. Before meeting Jason, her 9-month old puppy manners consisted mainly of chasing deer, eating socks and bathmats, and digging holes to China. After 3-weeks of “boot camp” (our words not theirs) at Tally-Ho, Nato’s command structure was in place. Jason and Laura invested time, energy and patience in training my husband and me to confidently assume command of our headstrong, well-trained, amazingly wonderful canine companion. Nato now walks on a slack leash or none at all, comes immediately when called. stays, parks, admires, but doesn’t chase her deer neighbors, sounds the alarm when something bigger approaches the house, and even shops in Murdoch’s. We are eternally grateful to Jason for sharing his many years of experience training dogs around the world and to Laura for her kindness, compassion and reassurance that humans can learn lessons too. They are an amazing team! Anyone with a dog in need of training (and that’s everyone with a canine) would benefit from their skill, guidance, wit, and wisdom. Nato is now both our Article 5 defense and a delightfully playful and spirited companion. Thank you both for all that you do! Mission Valley is better for having you here to teach our dogs and us how to enjoy life together." -Maureen

"The outstanding Tally-Ho duo, Jason and Laura, genuinely helped us tremendously with our chihuahua who was such a handful! Jason holds multiple certifications and has trained extensively on top of his years of experience with canine obedience, which really comes through when he’s working with you. You will get clear guidance, step by step instructions and homework that really helps it all become second nature. I have much better communication with my little chihuahua after five sessions with Tally-Ho, and we have everything we need to maintain our momentum and the positive behavioral changes we’ve enjoyed! Call Tally-Ho if you want common sense, effective guidance! We couldn’t be happier :)"-Kayleigh

"Tally-Ho K9 training was really great to work with. Jason and Laura are both really down to earth and very approachable. We introduced a variety of situations into the training that challenges our dog and us as dog owners. We practiced on the leash at the park with other dogs and at our house as well. Jason really cares about dogs and often times went over our session time limit. I would highly recommend Tally-Ho, our dogs are genuinely happier because of our sessions. Thank you Jason and Laura!"- Ray

"Jason and Laura are amazing. The work they did with our 4 month old puppy was everything we wanted and more. They have frequent communication, work closely with you on your goals for you pup and also provide lots of support and guidance in how to keep your pup on track after they come home. My one year old can be trusted off leash and with our 4 year old and baby. I trust Jason and Laura 100% with our fur baby. Don’t hesitate to work with them. You won’t be disappointed. ❤️"-Jamie J.

"Jason and Laura are great! The dog training is 1st class and you get a lot of bang for your buck. We sent our pup for a 3 week stay and she came back a whole new dog. I can’t recommend Tally-Ho K9 enough. You won’t be disappointed!"-Mike K.

"Jason is the most amazing trainer we have ever dealt with. He really spent time explaining everything and making sure we had the tools to continue training and be comfortable with all of the skills. We were amazed how quickly our German Shepherd took to his training methods. After training was over he was always available for questions and advice if we had any concerns or issues. We will most definitely be using him again for off leash training and would absolutely recommend him and his wife Laura to anyone who needs dog training. Super professional, tentative and punctual!"-Josh K.

"Jason & Laura Rueth are the power couple of dog training. They listened to all my concerns about Taz's behavioral shortcomings and designed a training program tailored to Taz and my needs...yes, not only did they train Taz, they trained me on how to interact with Taz. Almost 2 years later and Taz still the best behaving pup. Give them a try; I highly recommend them." T. Tocabens    

"Jason Rueth has done a fantastic job with our dog the past month. Our concerns and questions are always answered and delivered in a way that we can take action on. Jason arms us with the knowledge and tools to impact our relationship with our dog for the better. I highly recommend Jason if you're looking for someone who will always shoot you straight and keep you focused on the mission. I've quickly learned that we have to put in the effort to change as well; it's not just the dog's responsibility. Jason does a fantastic job illustrating this concept during our 1-on-1 sessions."-Zac C.   

"As a dog owner for more than 20 years I thought I had it figured out, until we got our Golden! He wouldn’t walk on a leash, he had his days and nights mixed up, he chewed everything, walls included! He was a starting to show aggression over his food and toys when our two little girls attempted to feed and play with him, and those potty accidents! Enter Laura and Jason, two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to help. They took our boy under their wing and have both been the greatest blessing in our life! At 9 months old, I get SO many compliments on what I good boy he is. They put their entire hearts and souls into training him to be the best dog for our family and I will forever be grateful! I can’t recommend them enough!! We still use them for boarding because they’re the only people I trust! If you’re looking for training, or a weekend getaway, Tally-Ho K9 is the place to go. You won’t regret it!!"-Erin N.

"Jason and Laura are truly talented people! Just from speaking with Jason you can see how passionate and truly gifted he is! Your dogs needs are truly there number one priority. He will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable through the training processes and teach you every step of the way! My big 80 lb dog was horrible on a leash, would run away and I couldn’t even enjoy going for a simple walk. He now listens to every command, walks right next to me and can even free run and come right back to me with a simple command. Just how a dog should act. I highly highly recommend tally-ho k9! You will be 110% satisfied with the results of your newly trained dog! I have absolutely NO regrets and now I can enjoy my dogs company much more! If your considering dog training in the slightest, give them a call! You’ll wish you did it sooner 🙂"-Emily M.

Jason is truly magical with dogs! He took on the challenge of training my 3 yr. old, 87 lb. strong willed, hard to control and highly dog aggressive Pitahoula (Pitbull - Catahoula mix) and turned him into a well behaved, obedient best friend I now take anywhere.Mookie joined us 4 ½ years ago when our grown daughter rescued him from Animal Control and brought him home to me as a surprise. He had been a stray for some time and was in poor physical condition. He was critically emaciated, had an extreme case of mange, and several serious infections. Mookie and I immediately bonded on his joining the family. We became inseparable, everywhere I went Mookie followed. He even slept snuggled with me and his head on my chest.With his newfound health, Mookie became quite active, wanting to play, go on walks, run in open spaces, and explore the surrounding world. Unfortunately, it was not long before my wife and I could not control him due to his increasing strength and strong independent alpha personality. Additionally, Mookie began jumping up on anyone entering the house. He also began barking unrelentingly and jumping at windows whenever he noticed anyone in our yard. Most concerning, Mookie went from a shy dog who cowered at the sight of other dogs to becoming increasingly aggressive toward other dogs. On a couple of occasions where dogs approached Mookie, he initiated fights. This brought walks and outings to an end. My wife and I became seriously concerned that we might have to give Mookie up or worse if we could not find a means of correcting his growing behavioral problems. The thought of losing Mookie devastated us both, as he was such a loving and affectionate dog who had won our hearts.I brought the situation to our veterinarian’s attention asking for advice. He suggested I take Mookie to a trainer and recommended one in our area. I contacted the trainer, and we began our training. Mookie and I went for four months of 2-hour private sessions 3 days a week. While Mookie showed some improvement, he could still be a handful and had made no progress with his dog aggression. Frustrated, I began to search for a new trainer.After an extensive assessment of over 15 dog training services in Harris and Montgomery counties, we found Jason and Laura and knew immediately our search was over. Jason clearly stood above all other trainers we had spoken with. After Jason’s meeting and assessment of Mookie, he agreed to place him in his three-week intensive board and train program.On Mookie’s return my wife and I were both speechless. We couldn’t believe this was the same dog. Mookie sat, laid down, and “Parked-It” on his raised bed repeatedly. More impressive, he remained in the commanded position and location until he was “Freed” regardless of duration. Further astonishment came when Laura rang the front doorbell. Mookie remained quiet and at my side in our living room. The same held true when Laura knocked on the door. Following this, Jason pointed out how Mookie no longer jumped on anyone entering the home. He now sat patiently, waiting to be approached and acknowledged.Next, Jason took us all for a walk. Again, Mookie was a completely different dog. He no longer pulled or even led the walk. He remained immediately at Jason’s side regardless of any change Jason made in speed or direction. On Jason handing me the reins, Mookie did just the same for me. Most impressive was when we encountered a dog. Mookie remained calm, not a bark or even a growl, he just kept on walking at my side. We observed several additional behavioral rectifications and obedience compliances, all of which were just as impressive as those mentioned above.One year has passed since Mookie returned home from his three-week training camp and I am in awe of Jason’s achievements. He truly transformed our dog. Mookie remains a wonderful, well behaved, and obedient dog. Mookie’s metamorphosis is remarkable. It is allowing us to spend considerably more time together. We are now able to explore and share new experiences together, which is bringing us ever closer and enriching each of our lives. I cannot thank Jason and Laura enough!Ken & Julie Goodhue

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