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Behavioral Evaluation with Review of Training Methods and Personalized Training Plan considering your training goals.

​You Train with Guidance from Us

​Private Lessons

Package of 5 $975

Are you confident handling your dog but need guidance in teaching them all you'd like them to know and how to have consistent reliability from your dog? Lessons are a great option for those who have time to put in the work it takes to have a happy we'll behaved pup!

We Train for you

Need help? Are you feeling lost on how to communicate with your dog or just have a busy schedule?  Training Camp is the best option to get your pup to the next level. You can enjoy peace of mind while your dog is having several one on one training sessions per day,  Transition to Home Training sessions are included while your dog is here and at completion of stay. A follow up at home is also included to ensure a successful transition from camp to home life. 

Training Camp

3 weeks $3250

For Dogs 4 months and older, includes basic on leash obedience plus off leash recall and an equiptment package with the essentials for success. Training Camp is the most important step in achieving a well rounded obedient dog you can take anywhere. This program teaches YOU and your dog how to live in harmony at home and in the real world. Great for pups and adult dogs that need first time or a training tune up!

Advanced Obedience

2 weeks $1750

Once you are working well together following Training Camp, take it to the next level with off leash obedience.

Additional Weeks added on to any program or training refresher week $875



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